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Induction or Exhaust?? 2018 Elise 220 Sport

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Hi all,

I have a 2018 Elise 220 Sport, and although the exhaust is louder than the pre 2017 model, I wanted to find out what the better upgrade is .. TRD induction kit or change the back box?

FYI went to Hethel a couple of weeks ago and did their track event, and couldn't believe how much better sounding the 2018 cars were over the 2016 ones (think Lotus changed the exhaust in 2017)

Any help you all can be will be appreciated

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Our 2015 C/Racer S was very quiet and only started to sound the part right at the top end,

Fitted  2bular 8'' H1 and that certainly gave it a voice to go with the looks , however if you are going to use motorways etc for long periods of time I would stick with the factory item.

Enjoyed two days at hethel last week , using three different Elises , two with new exhaust & open shifter  and one pre 2017 quieter back box  & closed shifter.

The newer cars sound really good but are still quieter than mine,

Regarding the TRD in our car you definitely hear more of the supercharger whine again at  mid to high revs , it just adds a bit more to the car character.


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I have a late 2017(MY17.5) with the later exhaust, I have the larger TRD fitted. I don't want the car any louder if I'm honest as it sounds awesome compared to earlier standard models. I would like to change the manifold to Tubular but they can't(won't) marry up the manifold to my existing exhaust system. 

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