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Front Hub Nut Thread

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Hi All

Does anyone know what thread the front hub nuts use? I haven't been able to find this anywhere.

I had a brake vibration appear and get progressively worse in France a couple of months ago. Stopped at a local garage as I suspected the wheels bearings were coming loose and they noticed that one of the locking rings was missing (annoying as I had the wheels bearings checked professionally last year). They stacked some washers to hold it long enough for me to get home and she's been parked since.

Anyway, I'd prefer to replace the nut/ring solution with castle nuts if I can. I'm not sure why Lotus bothered making another separate piece for this?


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Hi, it would be easier but I would prefer it to be a single piece if I can. I had the wheel bearings done professionally last year and I ended up stranded in France and nearly missing my ferry. I also haven't been able to get them apart yet to check for damage to the hubs, which I imagine is a distinct possibility. It was pretty bad by the time I realised it wasn't just a warped rotor and I wasn't going to be able to limp it home.

If I can remove the possibility of that ever happening again, I would like to.

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I was just as surprised, considering they are a motorsports shop and not cheap. I would rather make sure it can't happen again though if possible. As you say "if fitted correctly"; I would prefer to remove the if.

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You can go down the same route with "if the replacement castellated nuts are fitted correctly" too. Just use the correct, Lotus approved parts for this and save yourself some grief.  (It's not a specific Lotus solution, many manufacturers use a similarly designed part.)

The job you had done previously obviously wasn't done properly. The locking ring can't vanish once the dust cap has been put back on, so it was never replaced for whatever reason. They didn't use the correct, Lotus approved parts - they used fresh air, which isn't always satisfactory for these types of jobs. If they used fresh air while refitting your castellated nuts the outcome would have been the same.

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