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Interior Trim

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Can anyone tell me how to remove the interior leather covered "A" pillar trim piece on the near side one on my 1990 Excel without damaging it,

as I want to put a wire behind it from the rear view mirror and under the glove box as I want to put in a Dash Cam up there behind the mirror.

It already has two radio wires behind it so thought I could put another one down there. I already have all the roof lining bits out at present as I am

in the process of recovering them, when I receive the trim material from SJ.



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Hi Paul I took your advice and pulled the leather trim back carefully, I thought there might be a molded piece under the leather that

I could take off to put the wire under  like other parts but alas no. So on further investigation I could see a gap between the leather

piece and the windscreen, so tried a 4mm diameter piece of spare cable tucked down it and it fitted fine and well out of sight.

So will be ordering my dash cam which also will have a separate rear camera as well.

Just as a footnote I have already fitted a third high level flashing brake light, but the clowns still try to race me and cut me up when

I am out so that is why I need a camera just in case as well. 

Thanks Ian.

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