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someone scratched my car!

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Ok so I was at GST on Wednesday morning.  I confess I didn't park very well, in the entrance to the garage.  Anyway I was in the office chatting to Gerald when I noticed an old chap trying to get out of a space across from where I've parked.  So I finished up with Gerald and went out to move the car, by which time the guy had driven off.  I didn't think much to it and was about to leave when a complete stranger from the business next to GST asked I had seen that the guy had hit my car!  I said no and went to look at the rear and found some really small scratches on the corner of the bumper. This stranger had taken the reg number and we were talking when the owner of SPA motorshop (opposite GST) came out and said he knew the owner and would contact him.

So after 2 days the guy rings me and flatly denies hitting my car even though I said I had a witness.  He said he checked his car and had no marks on his.  Now what should I do I have the name of the witness.  The scratches may polish out but not sure and worried about it affecting my insurance?


Any thoughts/ suggestions greatly appreciated.




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No. Phone him up. Remind him it is an offence to leave the scene and not report an accident. Remind him you have two independent witnesses. Remind him how Ed Balls was reported for doing the same thin

Extremely annoying!!!

if it can be polished out, do that. 

Call the guy again and put the fear of god into him. “I have two witnesses and am getting hold of all available cctv footage, and will pursue you at court if you do not step up”

but don’t follow through unless you have time to waste. This is just to get him anxious for the next month as payback for being an ass  

if it can’t be polished out, also speak to him as above and contact DVLA to get his details on the basis he drove away from ana accident. You can also obtain his insurance details but I’m not sure how. 

Contact his insurance company and file a claim

 tell him this is wha you are doing so if he wants to settle he should do it before you report the claim to his insurance company

-and the police -

get a crime reference number  




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Whilst it’s frustrating, if it’s minor and can polished, or won’t cost a lot to repair, I’d be taking care of it myself. I certainly wouldn’t be reporting anything to the insurance company, I did that before thinking I was doing the right thing by reporting a incident where I managed to polish out a scratch after being hit, and ended up paying the price in the next insurance premium as I was then “a higher risk”.

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On 23/08/2019 at 13:34, LotusFella said:

Yes that's my concern!  I guess I'll have to try and polish it out.

No. Phone him up. Remind him it is an offence to leave the scene and not report an accident. Remind him you have two independent witnesses. Remind him how Ed Balls was reported for doing the same thing and faced prosecution.

Then ask him if his memory was recovering!

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...but as Ian mentions, it would also theoretically oblige 'you' to report the incident under the terms of your own policy, especially as an old guy maybe more likely to settle via insurance.  That could cost far more than the cost of fixing a minor scuff - Not to mention the endless calls from compensation, hire cars etc.       


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