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I have a crazy idea 😎, So please talk me out of it.

My esprit S2.2 is currently painted in Imperial Green ( the colour of the lotus carltons ) . I bought it this way, it was original gold and should have stayed gold, but to be honnest I really like the imperial green ( almost black) a lot, so it will stay that way. 

43499984532_b0016ebbfb_z.jpgSAM_7521 by gvygvy, on Flickr

But since it is an S2.2 and all S2 cars have the sills, the front spoiler and back painted black,not so mine, I always wanted to do something with that.

SO, How about the idea of a genuine carbonfiber overlay on the sills and frontspoiler ?

Problem is. I really don't want to take the sills of the car, because that is a really difficult job and would probably involve taking out the tanks to acces some rivets/bolts.

Do we have people here with experience in carbon fiber overlay ( not the fake wraps) ? Would it even be possible to attach the carbon fibre on a sill that is for a big part vertical and the other part upside down ( part under the car). And if so, would it be possible to evenly soak it ( upside down) with epoxy resin ( 3 or 4 layers) in a way that is estetically OK, before scuffing and clearcoat . ? Or will the epoxy never stay on and keep on dripping, 

The front spoiler can be taken off , so that will be less of a hassle and can be done on a workbench.


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Eh, Thanks Giz and Pete, job just convinced me not to do it.🤔 I guess its a bad idea. I just love the deep black surface look of real carbon fiber high gloss, so I wanted to try i

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Gosh, why? Car looks fabulous Geert. Please don’t... give it some days, you’ll come to your sense...😉 or take that cash and put it in a overhead cockpit stereo, that’ll be way cooler and it doesn’t devalue the car. Just my five cents mate

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Thanks Giz and Pete, job just convinced me not to do it.🤔

I guess its a bad idea. I just love the deep black surface look of real carbon fiber high gloss, so I wanted to try it myself and hobby a bit. The sills and frontspoilers are painted colourmatch imperial green on my car, so that is why I wanted to go back to a more original S2 feature ( black sills and frontspoiler)  but with a (carbon)twist. That was the idea.

I am not to fond on matte black paint as the original, so I guess I just leave it the way it is, colourmatched.

Oh , and an overhead cockpit stereo will be difficult with my glass roof.  😉 (and that stays, because it gives me extra headroom and ventilation, or.....I could take it out and close it up and make a carbon fiber rooftop 😎😎🤣 .

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I think the matt black sills work fine if the paint is a contrasting colour. With your car being a dark colour it wouldn't add anything.

You have made the right decision! 👍

Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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23 hours ago, gvy said:

( not the fake wraps)

Why not.? 

You would need to look hard to tell the difference between a good quality carbon fibre effect wrap and the real thing, also if you didn't like it you can peel it off again.


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One way to get carbon fibre on is to use it to accentuate different bits. I reckon a carbon fibre sunroof would look nice with your dark green paint. You could then have CF b post trims, headlight surrounds, rear intake louvres, filler caps etc.

whether you go pure CF, wrap or carbon dip is then down to you/ cost/shape of part.

obviously there will be people who Think that you shouldn’t put any CF products on as it’s not in keeping with the period of the car but if you like it, then why not.

my car definitely doesn’t look the same as when it came out of the factory.

each to their own and all that. 

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