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Oil line replacement and oil coolers


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In the next week or so I’m going to be looking at changing both my oil coolers and also the oil pipes from front to rear.  The current oil coolers both need replacing.  The car has the original through chassis pipes in place but cut at both ends, and then new replacement pipes run under the chassis and fastened to the floor which I hate.  I’m going to put new pipes on the ensure the entire oil system is fragment free after the engine seizure and I want to get them back through the chassis.  I’ll be working on my driveway and not on a ramp.  


Any hints or or tips are greatly appreciated.  Because I’m changing both the pipes and oil coolers it does allow me to change fittings etc if I go aftermarket for the coolers.  I’m also changing the radiator at the same time so I’m prepared for seized fasteners 

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I changed all my chassis pipes a couple of years ago. The aluminium tubes had short pieces of split rubber hose around them at various intervals, which someone on here confirmed as being a factory fit to keep them from sagging and contacting the bottom of the chassis backbone when the car is being driven. I replicated this with the new tubes, cable-tying the new hose pieces so they don't slip. I also secured the oil cooler lines together for the same reason, so they don't flop around unsupported.

You might want to consider removing the gearchange master to get into the chassis back bone and access from above. It's easier pulling the hoses through if you have some help, too. A willing wife was just the thing for this. There's also a bulkhead up front which the pipes/hoses have to be fed through. Don't forget those all-important rubber grommets to prevent chafing.

Put some anti-seize compound on the oil cooler threads, maybe Copperslip or similar. That way you might sand half a chance of undoing them the next time around.

Margate Exotics.

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Managed to get under the car today and got the old pipes out.  The link pipe had to be cut through to get the coolers off but the front to rear pipes came undone pretty well and are all intact.  Does anyone have he length of the hoses ?  The only reason I ask is I wonder if the length is ok to have these made up from or not considering they now need to go through the chassis.  I don’t think it will make much difference in all honesty but thought I’d check.

Also, does anyone know the thread size on the oil cooler adapters ?

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Finally got the old through chassis pipes out and the new ones in.  Accidentally pulled the Old pipes too far and lost the ends in the chassis at the front.  Ended up making a threaded joiner and used 10mm threaded bar fed front to rear through the chassis and pulled the new pipes through with that so just a note that it is possible.  

was a pain of a job to do and can’t fasten them back down in the tunnel until they are fitted to the oil coolers or engine (and neither are fitted yet) as I don’t know how much pipe either side front and rear if that makes sense.  It was a job I was dreading but glad it’s done.  

however........there is no grommet around the front chassis hole looking from the gear lever so am going to try and get some edge protector in their 





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I had a leaky fitting to one of the oil coolers. I replaced it with a new one. £10 from Merlin motorsport. Its designed just as a push on fitting. I put a couple of jubilee clips on, its very secure and doesn't leak.

there is a thread about doing this.

They do a different one which is less barbed for only £5

I then discovered the other end is leaking at the oil filter plate. Hmm should've just replace both hoses when it was all apart.

Anyway the crimp section was leaking and I heard you can get these re-crimped. Not possible on the car, I wondered how much force you would need to crimp it enough to stop the leak. Which is pretty small.

So Bodge of the week, I put a good quality jubilee clip around the crimp and tightened it as much as I could.

Its stopped leaking! for how long I don't know. if it last till the next oil change i'll change the hose or fitting then.


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