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EXIGE 350 CUP better??

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There might be an Exige 350 CUP 2014 coming up for sale, which are pretty rare here. 

What's your take, is it worth the effort changing from my Exige S to a cup version? Pros/ cons? 

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Interesting, I have seen one like that actually. I liked it too, although I wasn't impressed by the bulky steering wheel but that is easy to change of course. 

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CONS - ride is firmer, noisier, more raw, more race-car like, worse on long journeys

PROS - less understeer, noisier, more raw, more race-car like, more immediate, more engaging on short journeys, better on track

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As other have said it depends on your usage, but a V6 Cup is a special thing regardless. I went from a Standard V6S to a V6 Cup as I use it almost exclusively for track, but that is almost doing the car a disservice as the Nitrons have a great ability to soak up almost anything that's thrown at them on a normal road. I'm on CupR spec Ohlins now, which has almost lost me that element, which is a shame. For me that was an unexpected quality of the standard car. 

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