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Bonnet Release 502 Elite

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My car was partially dismantled when I purchased it and as a consequence a few items were missing as expected. In particular the internal bonnet release mechanism as well as the pull cables were not with the car.

I pondered fabricating them which I could do but elected to short cut that by fitting bonnet pins. I used part of the under-bonnet mechanism as a bracket for the pins and fitted the press button release component through the bonnet. It looks neat and discrete enough although clearly security has reduced (this aspect does not concern me). One downside is the need to press both buttons (not simultaneously) once out of the car rather than pulling one lever from inside the car. The pins are 5/16" so plenty of strength unlike many of the E-Bay specials which as 6 mm and look pretty puny.





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I am in Australia so sourced mine locally but I see that Demon Tweeks have them.


They are certainly more expensive than the Ebay low cost items but they are an acceptable size (8 mm), the quality is excellent and they work. I do not have time or money for rubbish products.

The only extra item I fitted was a large OD washer between the nut and GRP bonnet underside. I found that without it, as I tightened the nut it tended to dig into the GRP and I would loose the alignment required to ensure a good fit. I had some 3/4" ID , 1/8" thick, 2" OD washers which were perfect for the job. As I tightened the nut the alignment did not alter.

The main thing in the fitting procedure is to do one side first and ensure it works well. Then on the other side, start with a small hole in the bonnet (say 1/2") to see the alignment of the pin. The factory brackets allow quite a lot of adjustment and I was able to then slowly enlarge the hole to the correct size with a burr.

The plate that was welded onto the factory mechanism had the nut for the pin tack-welded on the underside so that it was effectively a captive nut which made life easy. Fabrication care is needed to ensure everything is the same on either size wrt the pin location. I wanted the press button receiver to be in the same position on the bonnet. I needed a 6 mm alloy plate (seen in the pictures) under the driver's side internal mechanism to ensure symmetry of the buttons.

Since the alignment is critical it is also important to ensure that the forward hinge bolt fitting and hydraulic struts are all in good condition and operating well. It is a big slab of GRP that can move around a lot if the hinge bolts are worn or if one strut is stuffed.

With care during the fabrication it all works well. I will see how it is over the longer term.

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Good Stuff David - just what we like to hear before botching the job ourselves

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