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Steering wheel noise - Evora 400

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2016 Lotus Evora 400. Steering noise on stationary or very slow driving.


Same noise happened last year and disappeared by itself. Yesterday,  I noticed it again. Some online search suggested silicon spray to the rubber grommet behind the brake pedal (where the steering column exits the foot-well). Tried this but no luck. Looks like the noise is coming from the steering wheels not the grommet.


Any suggestion please? (car still has 2 months in the warranty)


Thank you

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8 hours ago, Bruss said:

Sounds serious. I've not heard of this before. Is it a common problem on 400's or occurs more generally?


Hi Bruss,

    It's not desperately serious; just the bolts stretching or working ever-so-slightly loose. I had a similar clicking noise (which I thought was steering-related) on my NA and this has fixed the problem. It can come back even so, which is when new bolts are needed.

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Thank you very much for the link but I am afraid I don't have the skills or the tools to do that. It has to be  dealership job for me. (BTW the noise disappeared today.... strange)

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On 04/09/2019 at 10:23, EGTE said:

I think you might need to drop the front undertray and tighten up the front subframe bolts.

Sorry for the thread revival......which subframe bolts need tightening??   Can anyone point them out to me on the appropriate parts diagram?

I have this noise (but nowhere near as bad!) on my NA.   Seems to just about go away when it’s fully warmed up, but it’s still there.   Frustratingly I’ve only just refitted the front undertray after fixing a couple of screenwash leaks!

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