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9 hours ago, theelanman said:

@rudolphwolven I like the Saab behind the Mazda.......:D

@NedaSay I looked at the pic and thought dont have the 9-2 here........

I did try the Subaru WRX but wow was that a hard ride........nearly rattled my teeth out.........

Funny isn"t it every time I mention my car people are "9 what?" Saab got the Subie deal when GM was in control and they only made 10,000 of these worldwide over 2 years and about 40% where Aero aka WRX,  but tuned with grand touring abilities in mind, softer suspension set up and more sound deadening...the car is actually very quiet and the seats are comfy enough, I still have to change my boyracer exhaust cause its obnoxious plenty.

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@theelanman for ca 1 year our family car is a Golf R - highly recommended, understated car , fast, 4wd, compact for the city, adjustable dampers and: fun cause manual (ok, not available anymore....) - if more room is needed, have a look at the r estate - Harry had presented the 4door on harrygaragevids too in a decent way.....

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