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James Bond Lotus Esprit


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What a fantastic trip! great comparison photos!! Welcome to the group by the way!!

Keep trying to persuade the wife to go for this reason but she sees through it each time and insists on Amalfi!!

The part doesn't look bespoke - why would there be a stamped indent? maybe a shield?

Plenty of bits flew off that pier though - could be something relevant. Alternatively, many folk must have scuba'd there.....

Perhaps ask someone who was there?? Who is still alive?

From the air-cannon?

Lots of ????????

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13 hours ago, RobinB5 said:

Diver's cod piece?

Robin that literally mad me spill my coffee laughing! 🤣 - Nice though James - it literally could be anything but could quite possibly be off the Air-Cannon - think you might need some proof though before sticking it on fleabay for a grand😝 mean there were no number plates down there? Barbara Bach's knickers at least!!

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  • Gold FFM

I was in Sardinia few months back and unbelievably forgot about the Bond film filmed there. Haven't got over the fact I forgot yet! 🙉

Just in case I happened to have driven past the road spot or the been on the beach can you let me know where they are and beach name please? I was staying nearby I think.




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Perhaps it was Roger Moore's cod piece?

I've been to Sardinia a couple of times but never felt the need to look for the filming locations, too busy lying on a sunbed :)

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Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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