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S1 rear lights

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There is a company in Birmingham that re-silvers the reflectors. Can’t remember the name (and it’s not cheap!) but if you run an appropriately worded search it’ll come up. They did a great job on my XJS. 

Regular restorer. Rather less reliable forum poster!

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Good idea, I’ll probably do that if finding replacement inserts fail.

worked out that the fixing nuts are 8/32 so will replace all the existing ones, thankfully the threaded studs in the lenses are fine but the nuts are disintegrating ( a PO had used foil backed rubber as a gasket which I assume had caused this)

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I hope you find this more interesting than my work colleagues....

The inserts from sunbeam rapier lights fitted perfectly..... however they are just as flaky as the originals.....

So I tried a couple of the suggested solutions

the chrome spray Is not as good as the original mirrored finish its far better than regular silver spray paint. 

Foil - reflectivity was better but I couldn’t mimic the reflector shape 

Putting a lamp in both options the chrome spray was significantly brighter and equivalent to the tarnished but complete reflector in the other rear light.


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I acquired a roll of sticky back foil tape some time ago. It's a bit like silver foil, but can be stuck down. 

To line the complex shape, I had to cut into strips, but it wasn't too difficult and really increases the brightness of rear light, brake light and indicator. I powered the brake light on for over an hour to heat soak test it and all stayed good. 



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