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Into Evora 410GT Sport from Exige 350 Sport

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So yesterday the deal was done and I left behind my Exige 😪 but will be back in a few weeks to collect my Evora 😀 Will be my ‘fourth’ Lotus product (if you count the VX220 and Caterham R400)!

Completely different experience from some ‘getting to know you’ hours behind the wheel today -Steering is much lighter, probably retains 60-70% of Exige feel (without the same violence over bumps

Thursday is collection day 👍

Congratulations, got any pics for us? :

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

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Not an easy answer! Lots but I guess the most top of mind right now:

1. I loved the Exige but always felt it was more of a throwback experience (entry/egress/cabin space) similar to the VX220 I had over 15 years ago (engine and performance obviously hugely different) and I'm getting old and less flexible!

2. Although the Evora is hardly a 'new model' the GT410 Sport gets a lot of things right and feels fresh/different, has what I would call 'close to' Exige performance and (to my eyes) looks like a modern day mini-supercar in comparison (sounds better than the Exige too).

3. I like to go to a fair number of car events and with the Exige I couldn't take my other half and youngest daughter with me...I have huge hopes(!) that the rear seats of the Evora will provide for a few more options (and therefore the car will get enjoyed more).

4. I considered a number of alternatives (M2 competition, Cayman GT4, 992.2 S etc.) but as I have a Golf R I don't need another hot hatch, I'm not important enough to Porsche to get on the 'list' for a GT4 (would also fail point 3. above) and the 992.2 left me totally disappointed for a £110K car (this was the biggest surprise).

5. Right now I have less time for competition events like sprints or even track days and so that is also less of a priority for me. I would likely still consider a specific competition/track car for that purpose should I get more time as I always find race cars are rubbish on the road and road cars are less than stellar on track in comparison. I haven't found much that could touch a properly sorted Caterham in that regard (I ran an R400 for over 4 years). Again, age has got me into a place where a ton of power but equally high weight isn't necessarily what I want in a track day, preferring something simple, light and enjoyable. Not sure the other half is ready to see 4 cars in the family though 🤨

That's not to say I won't try the Evora on one or two track or handling events just to see how it fares in comparison and I am tempted to see how I get on with a v-max run, given it is by far the fastest top speed capable car I have owned...

My Evora pickup was today, so it is now home and tucked away sounded in the garage after taking the long way home 😎. Photos to follow, aiming to make Sunday Scramble in a few days if I can (a) get a car seat that fits for my 2.5year old in the next day or so and (b) we can fit our luggage (and dog!) in the remaining spaces for our planned week away which we are due to drive straight onto after Bicester 🤔

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Great insight thanks....I too have a exige and a stiff hip!im in the same position thinking of going to Evora for a bit more comfort and not losing too much of the exige thrill,be good to hear later thoughts on the change,enjoy the new car!

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