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SE turbo leaking gravy


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I knew it was too good to be true.  Car has been running well but now it seems to be leaking something that looks like brown gravy from the bottom of the clutch bellhousing.  The engine doesn't seem to be losing oil, so i guess it must be the gearbox seal.  It's the Renault gearbox.  Has anyone had a similar problem and how difficult is the fix?


Many thanks




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What does the oil smell like? Gearbox oil has a very particular smell. It's in all my clothes thanks to the SE and weeping driveshaft seals, so I'm well acquainted with it. 

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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16 hours ago, Sparky said:

Those who know me will attest to the fact that I identify vehicle fluids by taste.  Transmission oil is eminently identifiable.

I have seen pictures of him on the lotusforums sniffing rear exhaust boxes !    Part man, part machine,  people say he has a lotus badge tatooed on his body somewhere !


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I always tast coolant to determine the concentration. The amount of gagging is directly proportional to the negative temperatures it can withstand.

But I too would pass for gearbox oil!


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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