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Masterblack ECU dyno numbers....anyone?

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Hi all, Just a quick post to see if there is anyone on the forum thats had the Masterblack ECU fitted and is happy to show their before and after dyno plots, etc. Ideally showing AFR's too. 

I know of at least one forum member thats used RRR and is happy but I would really like to see some detail before I take the plunge. More than one source has confirmed the Masterblack ECU is great for full on race or even part time track cars that spend most of their life with the throttle at 100% but I'm told that for day to day driving (mines a daily) the cold running and part throttle isn't OEM smooth. 

I don't see any other ECU solution this side of £1250 and as there are now lots of S3 Exiges out of warranty I think the Masterblack could be great solution to more power and better running (especially when the OEM maps runs so unbelievably rich). 

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On 09/09/2019 at 17:43, Barrykearley said:

Just be careful running lean 👍 rich running is a far better thing

Depends... At less than 10:1 at WOT that our/the OEM cars are running, I suspect some fuel washing away the oil on the cylinder walls isn't top notch neither. Did some minor changes and I'm running consistently 10.8-11:1 at WOT whilst car is pulling stronger than ever before. 

The Komotec cars are running even 'leaner' (but still pretty rich as I've seen readouts at about 11.5:1 for the non CC tunes) , so there shouldn't be any issue if you stay in the sweet spot for supercharged cars (11.8-12:1) and you'll need some fuel to cool things down due to the lack of an intercooler. Wonder where the extra power on the KT ex460 vs ex430 is coming from? 😉

@steveoexige sounds like a very very good solution! 


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