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New Land Rover Defender


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I am not sure what market they are aiming at, the traditional agricultural, contractor, defence, etc.. markets will not want one of these (too expensive - starting at £40,000, not utilitarian enough, not configurable enough). For example I can get a Hilux for just over £20,000 once the VAT has been reclaimed new. Where is the pick up option? if they are aiming at the Chelsea tractor, towny, weekend warriors then they are competing against themselves with the Discovery, Freelander, Discovery Sport as well as other manufacturers. So sorry just don't get it which is a shame as I would love to go back to a Land Rover.

Oh and I bet it's not as easy to fix, replace panels etc.. as the old ones are / were.

I think the agricultural market has already moved on from the Land Rover in every farm yard with Toyota, Nissan, Ford, etc. having filled the gap as soon as the old Defender stopped production.

I hope I am wrong but I don't think so.

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As a former Defender owner, I think the new one doesn't look too bad. They took way too long to devellop it, especially as it closely resembles the DC100 prototype from 2011 and is mechanically based on the Discovery. I don't like the interior with the touch screen etc, but I guess that's unavoidable these days. All those pickups that are often claimed to be utilitarian are also filled with plastic and gadgets inside, probably driven by market demand.

I'm sure it will perform great offroad, as all Land Rovers do. I know not to underestimate the power of the electronic aids, but still prefer manual control. A comment often heard (on LR fora etc) is that the new Defender would have been a great product to present instead of the D5. Not to fill the shoes of the icon that started it all. No doubt this will sell a lot better, even if it's partly at the cost of reduced sales of D5 and Velar. I don't think there's a big enough market for a truly basic Defender anymore. That concept had been hollowed out anyway, with the last iteration using Transit parts to add comfort and gadgets. Let's face it, the guys on building sites expect the same elektrickery in their van or pickup as they get in their everyday eurobox. So manufacturers oblige.

It's not that different from Lotus I think. Just like there's a lot of people here asking for a new Esprit, we all know it will be nothing like the old one. And only a fraction of us who drive and love the old Esprit will consider buying a new one, should it ever happen. I for one most probably will not. Not just because of the price, but mainly because it wont be the pure and analog car I've come to love over the last couple of years. It can't be if it wants to compete with McLaren and the like. I may not be a fan of the Renault box, but I still much prefer it over computer controlled flappy paddles. Which is not to say I don't want the new Esprit to happen and will be very very happy to admire it and see Lotus take back it's place among supercars.

Same with the Defender, it will get nothing but flack from the hardcore crowd that is happy driving and maintaining their 10-20-30 year old boxy, rattling, leaking 4x4. But they wont buy a new one anyway. So let's hope (for JLR) that the new one does succeed in tempting a different crowd. Even on the school run it will be a better sight than a Macan or other VW.

I'll get to see the new one up close in a few weeks. I do look forward to it. 8-) Hopefully we'll even get a ride or testdrive.


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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could have saved themselves a fortune, just copied the new suzuki jimney. or Daihatsu Fourtrak made it 25% bigger, nice torquey diesel engine. all panels unbolt-able .

22-25k max  would  have been a wineer  many..  instead we get something that some big wigs think we need but actually we dont because its already covered by the rest of the range..  

oh wait they already had that in the old version that just needed a few tweaks... not a do over 

whatever they throw out , its pretty much a given it will spend more time in the dealer being fixed than used..  thats how the modern  land rover roll these days..  



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The 90 looks good, especially in green/white combo. Not so sure abot the 110. That one looks too much like any other Land Rover/Range Rover. But each to their own. I can certainly see myself replacing the XC40 with a Defender 90. It will however most likely never see any off-roading.

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I have, possibly and justified(?), the most conflicted view here? Having re-chassised 3 x series 3s (88 and 110) I find myself in a difficult place....

I LOVE the old design BUT Dinosaurs don't rule the world for their inability to adapt. Both of the new cars are amazing in some respects but don't necessarily meet the needs (and never will) of the 'die hards'.

However, given the piss poor sales of the final Defender to the 'Die hards', and, in reality, their very limited appeal, you'd have to forgive JLR for moving in the direction of profitability, sales and *POTENTIALLY* improved performance and reliability!

whilst I find the concept of a £40k/£45k car a difficult one to swallow, compared to the new Jeep Wrangler - at a similar price - there is NO contest. The Wrangler (IMHO) is bollox by comparison.

I hope the new Defender finds a market - I have an unscientific, gut feel that this range will be a grower..........

I have driven the 'old' Defender around the 'off road course' at Solihull and cannot fault it's off road ability but at 6'5", a 'Defender' product that I was comfortable in would be a massive step forward.

Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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Attended the Swedish premiere in Stockholm yesterday evening. The new Defender looks great in real life. But it’s far away from the previous model. 450 persons and one car ment that there wasn’t much oportunities to get up close. I’ll visit the local dealer later when they get their demonstrator.



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