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Dellorto Carbs - Esprit S2 - setting fuel level

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Has anyone had any success with setting the fuel level in the carbs to 27mm from the top of the carb body as described here?

Over the last 3 days I must have adjusted the float level and measured the resulting fuel level over 30 times, but I can't get consistent results. I'm having 2 problems:

1. Results are inconsistent - decreasing the float gap will sometimes increase the fuel level as expected, but sometimes not. Or I'll set the float level then re-check the resulting fuel level 3 times (emptying some fuel then refilling from the fuel pump each time). Maybe twice I'll get the expected result, the third time the level drops 2mm or something.

2. The fuel level seldom gets as high as 27mm (or higher, eg 26). Out of 30+ attempts I've seen the fuel level at 27 or 26 maybe 4 times, the rest have all been 28, 29 or 30, with the vast bulk of adjustments coming out at 28mm. I'm now thinking that 28mm is the max level that the fuel can go regardless of the float level, (which I've set as low as 12mm from the gasket and am still got the 28mm fuel level). I've also tried filling the fuel to the 27mm level with a syringe, then holding in the floats without the lid and pushing them down 15mm - they are clearly trying to push up, which seems to confirm that 27mm is not achievable.

I've noticed my car is fitted with 7g floats rather than 8.5g, but apparently this shouldn't matter.....although maybe that's the problem, and with 8.5g the maximum fuel level would reach 27mm?

Any thoughts very much appreciated!

Thanks :-)

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