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How much of a moron would you have to be to cut up an S2 galvanisd chassis - Elite / Eclat / Excel Chat - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

How much of a moron would you have to be to cut up an S2 galvanisd chassis


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A breaker in Lincolnshire has taken in a fire damaged Elite S2.

Seems he has cut the chassis up to remove components...

Somewhere a village in Lincolnshire¬†is missing its idiot... The rarest, most valuable component on the car written off with a few swings of his stihl saw...ūüôä

Words fail me...




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Very sad to see Dunc,  but given the fire damage,  calling it a galvanized unit would mean nothing imo,  it is just a standard chassis as the fire damage will FBAR, the galavanisation, it would soon rust imo given the damage ? 

Sad sight to see a car in that state,¬† only bonus is, for you guys is one less elite, so it makes yours even more rare now,¬† glass half full and all that ūüė™


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I'm not sure the Zinc would have been damaged. Its been an engine bay fire and heat rises. The chassis is pretty low at the front. My first eclat died in a fire and the fibreglass damage was MUCH worse than that one. The galv chassis on it seemed fine.

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Whoever needed the parts would probably have been better off buying the whole thing, getting it galvanised again and doing it that way.

I am not sure how happy I would be about getting all of these bits welded onto my chassis. Even grinding the galvanising back so you get bare metal, you can still have problems welding. And you still have to get it galvanised or do something to protect the chassis.

Oh well. Not my car.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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I saw the ad on eBay and wandered about the chassis but was sure that someone was going to purchase it. What a gut wrenching sight, even more so that there are so many early cars crying out for galvanised chassis. Breakers are notorious for such stupidity. I remember quite a few moons back, maybe around 15 years ago when a large breaker in Lancashire had an Essex esprit perched up sandwiched between two other cars and they had taken the angle grinder to chop a whole chunk of suspension off in order to remove a rear hub. I think we should all contact the breakers enquiring about the chassis just to make them understand that these cars aren’t all just a pile of scrap. It’s a shame when an insurance write off finds it’s way to the wrong careless hands. Surely we as enthusiasts should make an effort to ensure that any precious parts from write offs are going to the right places for parting out even if we cannot keep the vehicles ourselves. 

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