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Digital Dash Screens

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I posted separately in my build thread but thought this topic also deserved its own thread...

I am about to have the ECUMaster ADU dash fitted. One of the reasons I chose this dash is that the screens are easily customised to show whatever information or layout you want. You can also have different screens for road and track to switch between.

RRR have sent me some initial examples of dash layouts I could use as a starting point. I thought it would be great if others could share pictures of the screens they are running as well. What do you find works well for road and/or track use?





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You're right about GARW cloning this. The only thing I don't like is the 9 000 RPM scale, which would waste much less space if it only went to 8 000. Almost half of the RPM-scale is just useless space (your engine will only hit 9 000 RPM one single - and  last - time!


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Yes, that is indeed my dash!

The dash itself is great. It is high quality and very easy to customise. I love how I can scroll through the different pages using the existing trip/exhaust buttons on the steering column so it is neatly integrated. No issues with viewing it in sunlight or any other conditions.

There are two issues that need fixing. Firstly the gear selection imdicator doesn’t work. It just shows N regardless of gear selected. RRR say they now know how to fix that and will update for me when I next bring the car in. Secondly, although RRR did a great job of adapting the binnacle to fit the larger dash in, the shape of the top of the binnacle obstructs my view of the row of lights along the top of the dash. That is because the top of the binnacle juts out and I am fairly tall, so I am kind of looking down on the dash if that makes sense. This would not be a problem for either a shorter driver or if you have lower mounted seats. RRR are working on a custom binnacle that will eliminate the issue. I need to follow up with the to see how they are getting on.

The installation would be easier with the smaller 5 inch screen and that also would mean the lights along the top are less likely to be blocked by the binnacle. However I am glad I went for the larger 7 inch screen. It really does look good!

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Did wonder if the height of the driver would become an issue ,

We have visited RRR and Robert gave us a good demonstration of what is possible , 

I will be really interested to see the bespoke binnacle design , please post any updates,

Our issue is we cannot see hardly any of the tell tale screen in the sun with roof off , and more importantly the warning signs . We probably have the opposite issue to you as the steering wheel boss effects our view into the display.

If we go down this route the layout will be totally different to what we have now, and the beauty of this dash means we can tailor it suit different drivers , ( my better half is very speed aware so wants clear digital numbers )

Next year could be very costly as we are also looking to have there ecu package fitted.

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