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Radiator Removal 1985 S3

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Any help advice on Radiator Removal s3 (non turbo) with twin fans would be gratefully received 

diagrammed if possible please?  I understand that the surround has to be removed with fans and radiator attached but just wondering  if there are any hidden bolts etc.

Thanks  all Vince 

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Hi Vince,    Sorry no diagrams.

But it is not a hard job,   Best way is to have the whole front end of the car raised on axle stands,  put the wheels underneath the sills in case the stands ever collapse !    

 Remove the coolant header tank cap and drain the coolant,   Open the bonnet and remove the spare wheel,  you will see two 13mm bolt heads with a space of about half a meter between them,  slacken these off but leave a few threads in.

Climb back underneath,  disconnect the wires from the fans,  look at the bottom of the radiator,  it has a metal U shaped channel,  another 2 13mm bolts,  remove these,  then undo and remove the 2 13mm bolts in the bonnet area,   then rad should drop out with a bit of pulling.

cant remember much about the cowling,  but all is very  straightforward,  no special tools needed etc.

My advice is upgrade the radiator to three core and fit 2 tri pac/spal slimline fans,   less weight than lotus fans and a million times better cooling.

Good luck,  not a hard job just messy with the coolant !   Also when refiiling the coolant once the job is done,  leave the header tank cap off to allow any trapped air to get out,   turn the heater on and have it on full power on warm to aid coolant circulation through the heater matrix,  this will aid bleeding the system of air blockages,  wait till the fans cut in,  then you know all the air locks have gone,  you will probably have to put the header tank cap back on before the fans cut in due to overflowing when getting warm.

Leave to cool down and settle,  then check the coolant level,  it will probably need topping up. 

Any dramas, just post them up.


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Hi Dan

Brilliant, many thanks for taking the time to reply,

So I dont need to remove the cowling to get the rad out! I will have a go and start looking for replacement rad and fans.


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