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Esprit S2 chassis replacement with S3/Turbo - Misc including parts cross references - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

Esprit S2 chassis replacement with S3/Turbo

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I suspect it will be quite unlikely that the chassis-body attachments will align, those being the body bobbins along the tunnel and the footwells. The Turbo chassis will have been drilled using those of the body to which it was originally attached I expect. Of course, nothing is beyond solving, given enough cash or effort.

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   Years ago i would of said yep,  get straight on with,  but you have to consider the downside if you ever chose to sell the car as it will dramitacally effect the price of the future sale if you ever chose to part with your beloved Esprit S2 for some reason. 

  It can be done, but you in your post you say you have found a chassis ?    Is it a rolling chassis ?   As if it is just a bare chassis,  nearly all of your suspension from your S2 will not just simply bolt over as the suspension set up on the S2 was different.   You would require new front and rear suspension.  Used units are now getting pretty rare and expensive  from Lotusbits etc and even more expensive new from SJ etc.

Then you have the wheel issue,  The hubs on your S2 to run the speedlines are 4 stud,  The early S3 turbos had 4 stud but are super rare to find,  you can purchase from Mike at Lotusbits alloy bespoke front and rear hubs and machine the spigot down to 50 something mill of memory,  but again not a cheap option as the materials used and CNC work cost money.

I had some machined up by Mike to run on an S4 chassis for an S2 to keep speedlines fitted, super light weight hubs and the quality is fantastic,  folks on here had Mike start the project as many people wanted to fit the old compomotive alloy wheels from the early 4 stud turbo esprits !

All of my projects have been purchased with no future sales intended though and most have been as rough as old dogs apart from my silver S3,  So chopping out and changing anything has never come under consideration due to the cars not been worth much when i purchased them,  a different story these days.

I would say,  the cutting off of a bracket and re welding it is not a lot of effort as compaired to fitting a different model chassis,  that will also not utilize most of your current components.

One of the guys on here has done a LHD conversion,  i cant remember who,  but it should be easy to find on the forums,  i suggest you ping them a pm as they may still have the JIG and steer you in the right direction and warm you of any dramas they encountered etc, to make your project easier. 

Given LHD Esprits  seem pretty thin on the ground in Europe,  i would suggest keep it bog standard and just do the LHD conversion.

I hope this helps

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