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More Excel Boot Wiring Questions

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As disclosed in another topic I am installing the Excel rear wiring harness in the boot of my Elite.

The existing wiring to do with the fuel tank level sender, fuel pump and flowcock bears no resemblance to my wiring diagrams.

The side loom looks like this if you can make it out - sequence - boot lamp wiring - fuel tank level sender connector - unknown earth cable with grommet on - unknown 4 pin connector - unknown two pin connector - two loose wires


The boot lamp connector is as per the wiring diagram. The fuel tank level sender is not. Two of the wires are as per the wiring diagram. The third from the low level indication terminal goes off into the  side loom and is connected to the four pin connector before going to the main loom connector.

The four pin connector is also connected to the two pin connector which is in line with the two loose wires.


From the colour coding of the wires I'm surmising that the two loose wires are fir the fuel pump and that the two pin connector is for the flowcock. The four pin connector I think has to do with the Low Fuel Warning lamp Delay Unit which was an after launch addition and has been retro fitted. Am I in the right area? SJSportscars have an item called "Harness, Low Fuel Module" but no picture of it. Is this what I am missing? I have not checked with SJ to see if they are available but to make one up would be no hardship if I had a schematic.

And what the  unknown earth cable with grommet on does is anybody's guess


As always grateful for any light shedding contributions








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Just to get a start, wouldn't it be easier to get the stock harness altered to you needs?

And, which MY is your Elite?

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The Elite is a 1978 503

The Excel I robbed the looms from was a 1988

Once I know how to find a Low Fuel Warning Lamp Delay Module I will fit it and adjust the side loom wiring to suit the fuel components in the boot, plus lots of boot courtesy lights.

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