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Boot Floor Brace - how does it fit?

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My re-assembly continues and I still find bits I never knew I had or what to do with them.

Lotus fitted a metal brace under the floor of the boot at some stage, presumably as a safety thing in case of rear end shunt. It bolts to the chassis where the bolts that fix the toe-in adjustment channel are (longer bolts needed.). Fair enough. But as I made my own boot wheel tib and the Excel boot tub I have in my garden (soon to be a Hot Tub) did not have it fitted any thoughts - a picture would be nice - on how close to the boot floor the thing should be?





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The brace (on the Excel) is fastened in three places:

1 - at the forward end of the lower suspension arms just behind the location brackets on the chassis.

2 - at the bottom of the chassis rear hoop (at the point where the toe is adjusted as you said)

3 - the boot floor

It can't be anything to do with safety as it is too far forward.  It may be there to help support the boot floor to help reduce the tendency to crack the fibreglass at the rearmost fixings.  It may be there to triangulate the bottom of the rear link?

Can't post photo - sold my Excel!


Edit:  there's one for sale on Fleabay at the moment!  Item 183985857570

Edit 2 - I don't live that far away (it's collection only) if you decide to bid/win it - I could collect it and send it on.


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Well done for pointing me in the right direction. I was trying to fit the one I have too far back, but now I understand


Many Thanks



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