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Researching the history of my Esprit


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Hi. I’ve just put down a deposit on a 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo. I used to draw designs of these cars as a kid and I can’t wait to pick the car up and take it for a spirited drive. I’ve owned fast cars before but this will be my first classic super car. The car seems to be full of character and I’m keen to find out more about it’s history and previous owners. Brian Swankie restored the car about 5 years ago and has helpfully provided me with the previous registration number from when it was registered in the Isle of Man. I’m hoping that owner may be on this forum. The reg was A910 MAN. Any help would be gratefully received.

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Welcome to TLF Simon. :welcome:

I can't help with your questions. Sorry about that. Someone will be past that may well know something though.

I have moved your topic to the Introductions area, so hopefully it should get some airplay tere.

Post up some photos once you get it. :) 

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V excited for you Simon!!

Perhaps a good starting point would be how it left the factory? - Certificate of Provenance 

When I applied for mine (2012), Andy Graham was the contact [email protected]

Here is what he said back then

 You may have seen on our website under the ownership tab the certificate of provenance service we offer. The standard certificate costs £35 each which includes how the car left the factory, original colours & trim, engine number, build date and selling dealer (where recorded). It includes covering letter which goes into more detail, postage and certificate. For an additional £10 we can research how many other Esprits there were in the same colour/trim combination for the same model year and market as your own and where your car came in the build sequence

Actually, having looked, it is still Andy but the contact is now [email protected]

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There are a few Lotus owners on the Isle of Man and most know each other.  We take a group of Lotuses over there every year and meet up with some of them - was there a few weeks ago.  Several are on TLF, but not sure how active they are.  Stu Peters @islandbloke has a 1990 Esprit SE there and may know about yours.

If you know roughly when it was IOM registered or have any other relevant info, I could email a few of them to ask.

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Hi folks - yes still in the Isle of Man with my 1990 SE (currently undergoing a body off resto and respray - it seems Calypso doesn't like too much sunshine!). I've known a couple of Esprits and other models - a pal recently bought a lovely M100 - but not Simon's I'm afraid. Maybe it was from before my time here (1997).

Always happy to help friends in the Lotus family with visits. This is one of the few places without a national speed limit, and whilst hoonery is frowned upon, an early morning 100mph dash over the Mountain Course isn't considered a flogging offence unless you crash. Just a couple of hours or so on the fast ferry from Liverool.

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Thanks for everyone’s help and sorry for being so slow is saying thanks. Work is a bit hectic at the moment. I’ll definitely do the COP as it will be great to keep with the car anyway. I’m partially keen to know the IOM history as that’s where my family name (Cannell) originates from. I’m kind of hoping that there may be some family link there somewhere which is highly unlikely but would be great. Popped over to see the car again yesterday and it looks better every time I see it. Just got to sell my Jag XKR before I can pay the balance! Really looking forward to some great trips in it next year.

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