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Door switches not working?

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I've just picked up an S2 Exige and when I lock the car / arm the alarm, the alarm beeps for a solid 30 seconds.

I've tested all the hatch switches and they are all fine, if I release them after the 30 seconds they all trigger the alarm.

The doors, however, do not. They also don't seem to be turning the interior light on/off (I've tried interior light in all three positions).

The physical switches seem ok - circuit is closed while the button is open and open when the button is pressed.

Any ideas where I look from there?

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I've had a similar problem with my Elise over the past week or so although I think I have it fixed now.

The access hatches in the nose, removed to access brake reservoir etc., have a pressure switch on each side, presumably to let the locking module know the hatches are secure. I noticed that the underside of the right side hatch was quite dimpled where the contact switch touches it and surmised that it may not be making proper contact with the switch. As an interim measure I simply built up both sides with a few layers of duct tape and replaced the hatches. The central locking now works fine, at least while sitting in the garage. I will leave it as is for a week or so and if it is still fine I will replace the tape with a layer of fibreglass as a more permanent solution. 


'97 V8

'73 Europa TC

'10 Elise SC

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