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wiper wheel box seized / stuck

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Excel 1984

Yesterday the worst happened: the wiper stopped.

Investigation lead to the conclusion that the axis of the wheel box seized in the bore in that manner that it "melted" together.

WD 40, heat, torque, hammering --> nothing.

Has anyone experience how to remove this wheel box?
Have I to dismantel the whole dashboard?

Or have I to apply a "brutal" method and cut out the body beneath  the windscreen to access?


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I'm not certain, but I believe it may be possible without removing the dash. If your Excel is like my S2.2 Elite, the wiper motor is on the bulkhead behind the glovebox. I have never tried it but have read that you should attach string to the wiper spindle and undo the securing nut, push it down through the hole in the bodywork and withdraw it using the wiper cable (which should be removed from the motor). The string can then be used to guide a new wheelbox and cable into place in a reverse of the removal operation.

Good luck, Richard

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@Neil D. thanks for the wishes: yes, it is fun!!

I have done it today. The whole dash has to come out.
Then you have to disconnect the wiper motor from the tube because it is very heavy and bad to fiddle with the wheelbox if connected.

When you see this, you are very near (thanks to The Nut)



Behind this cover there are these two bolts which holding the wheelbox


Then you can manage to fiddle the wheelbox out to the left.

Question to all:
is there an alterpart for 72965B 8W8 ?




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Hi to all, getting the two bolts back in is fiddly you need an extra pair of hands to move the spindle around so you can get a bolt in.

If the part number is for the wheel box, you can use one from a reliant scimitar, single wiper model.  you can also use the wiper motor, its a higher wattage 29W, than the lotus one 16W.   there are lots of variations on the motor drive and where it parks, on the left or right of the windscreen. the Elite parks on the right and the Éclat the left. not sure which is correct but they both work,



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With one wiper, at least on my '74 Elite, it certainly puts more wear and tear on the wiper motor. Not sure if your Excel was built the exact same way as early Elites but the joke is they dropped the wiper motor from the ceiling and then built the car around it. And as you found out this part is buried deep inside the beast.

Might be a good idea to use rain-X so wipers can be use sparingly.

Living in the Seattle area, where we get a lot of rainy days, like you probably do, I don't take out my Elite so I really haven't used the wipers hardly at all. Probably afraid of the above original story I heard many years ago is partly to blame and well, I don't like getting my car dirty. lol



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