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S3 parcel shelf arrangement

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Can anyone shed light on the engine compartment parcel shelf build for me? Cant find anything 8n parts or WS manuals...

shelf sits above the belt reel, which has a metal bracket with two holes on each side , but too low for the shelf to sit.  No evident matching holes in the shelf itself either. Should there be a block or something on top of the brackets? Otherwise, the forward edge of the shelf doesnt seem to fix to anything.



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Thanks Giorgio, but I dont think its those either. The wooden shelves (above the tanks),  are already in place about 4” below the level of these brackets.

another pic with the shelf placed in situ just in the shelf sits atop the belt reel, and against the bulkhead, but with no fixing point to either...


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Dave, the wooden shelf are sitting on the brackets I posted on my post, as you can see in this pic, sitting on left and without on right, I can only suppose your brackets are mounted in the wrong position,  so to low...  


you can see the correct height of the brackets in this pic of my car at the time of dismantling, hope this help. 


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Thanks guys...

Pete, no cutouts in my shelves, and they sit level to the quarterlights when resting on the seat belt reel (exactly as Brett’s pic above). I wonder of Lotus just put them in ‘cos thats how the S2 was made, not allowing for the change to early S3s shelf design?

Giorgio. Yes my wooden shelf sits in The same place as yours (on the left, first pic))...the brackets in question are the ones shown just above this in your second pic to either aide on the seatbelt mounting bracket.

i’ll take a pic tomorrow am of the overall shelf position just for completeness, but I suspect either there was a wooden block on top of each bracket to support the front of the shelf (which I dont recall), or they were just leftovers from the S2 design....

the shelf front is tied back to the top of the engine surround by an L shaped bracket as well, just not to the bilkhead


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