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S3 carb to manifold spacing


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Hi @jonwat

New Orings in the spacers, but I was going by the manual here...

Last line states “ uniform gap 1mm ...etc”, which contradicts the diagram.

In my case, the rear carbs weren’t clamping at the 2.2 and 1.9 dimensions, so I reverted to the 1mm quoted in the text.

what would be the implications (other than leaks, which I will find easily enough) of the smaller spacing?

I mounted the carbs to the manifold on the bench to keep an eye on the O ring displacement possibilities...

thanks, Dave


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The reason I mentioned it was that I noticed the amount of thread protruding past the rightmost nut, normally its just a few. The spacers are there to prevent the carbs vibrating & so cause fuel frothing in the float chambers resulting in the engine running poorly.

If she's running fine then it's not a problem. 😀


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John W

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I'm not sure of the question being asked, but @jonwat states above what the purpose of the spacers is.

I bought mine from Eurocarb, along with new 'O' rings. They work fine on my S1. Previousy they were simple plastic spacers with no 'O' rings.

@G_Reaper may be able to shed more light.

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Thanks guys,

All the bits for this came from SWLC, inc the genuine carb rebuild kit, but I’ve yet to run it OtR,

....and while it was looking promising, I couldnt get #4 balanced as closely as I’d have liked, but then I found the vac take off from that pot wasnt properly tightened 🤔.

rebalancing over next day or two now that fuel levels are set correctly. Wish me luck🤞🏻


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