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Steering wheel collet/bush help needed

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Big day tomorrow as I go for an MOT but...

fitted steering wheel properly for the first time today, and there’s a shed load of play where the  wheel sits on the column.

parts manual section 32.05a indicates collets and a locating ring that sits just below the splines, but I dont have these. Dad took it apart many moons ago, so it is possible they have been lost 😡

the wheel boss itself flares into a taper forward of the splines, while the steering shaft is not tapered.
Does the collet arrangement mate to the taper, or am I looking for some sort of tapered bush instead? looking at SJ website, the collets are tapered, but not very deep...

(been away for the art fair at Windsor and good to meet @Kimbers   and his better half there, but it meant a few days lost on MoT prep)

@Sparky..., hope you recover soon. I did suggest to Tony that he dropped the Gin art in on the way back but I can’t publish his reply on that one😉

thanks for any help

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Gary, i had the same issue on my 86 s3. I removed the steering wheel as i was working on removing old electrics under the dash and i must have dislodged the collets from the steering column. They come in two and i must have thrown one half away with all the old wiring. I ordered them from SJ and as i say they are in 2 halfs and the ring is actually just a perfect size rubber band that holds them in place. Popped them on and no play whatsoever. I think its a case of dont overthink it. :)

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