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5 hours ago, Hangar 111 said:

Nonsense.  Exige V6 is fine on scissor lift if done properly and safely.

If you talk about a scissor lift with full length arms where the car wheels are on lift or one with extendable arms or by somehow removing the rear panel and reaching the rear lifting points maybe...

But with a normal scissor lift with ramps between the wheels as in the link and as described yoy can t just park the car use 4 pucks and lift it as you would do with another car...

You can do that I think with a 4 cylinders but not a V6

But to understand what you mean post a picture of a V6 on a lift



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3 hours ago, andydclements said:

Why can't it work for a V6?

Just had a look to see. And from the diagram it staes that B and C to be used together , while point A is to lift one side.

So if parallel ramps will get to B and C no issues, not sure about lifting on ramps from A and B as that is not stated.





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10 hours ago, Mark030358 said:

And from the diagram it states that B and C to be used together , while point A is to lift one side.

This. Remove the undertray or insert pucks to access position C.

Applies to all cars with the 111 chassis (except new Exige which has strengtheners built in to undertray).


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Shocking when we cant decide how to lift a car 😂 (the whole thread I mean)


Can you expand on the bit in brackets please and what MY is this from?


56 minutes ago, Hangar 111 said:

Applies to all cars with the 111 chassis (except new Exige which has strengtheners built in to undertray)



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Ok but let s say you get somehow access to position C

Where would you fit the rubber pucks for the front in position B ?

In that case the problem is that for the common size scissor lift the B raising points are too inwards and not reachable.... or you would have to make some custom center bar

Or would you suggest to use C and A even if they are close?

Is it possible to use those alloy cylinder pucks sold in usa to fit them on the car to extend the C raising points? I know they are made for the exige s2 and don t know if they would work on the s3




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I think I might be able to offer some info here.

I have one of these lifts


I got it when we started building our Caterham. In a single width garage it made access to the car much easier than static axle stands. As an aside, I actually built a single timber frame to support the chassis rails and cinched everything down to that for stability. Now for working on the Caterham I just use the standard puck style lift pads.

It's worth knowing there are two basic styles of car scissor lift. Ones like mine that although they have flat decks that end up between the wheels are not really there for lifting most vehicles. Lifting is done with swing-out, sliding arms, which have lifting pads that in turn slide upon the arms. This gives you a large amount of adjustability, very similar to a 2 post lift, but unfortunately obstruct access to the centre of the floor. Less of a problem with an Elise/Exige, but the Caterham likes to keep its gearbox around there ;)

Please note that the form factor is narrow enough that the decks actually fit completely inside the track of the car, so that the tyres do not drive over the decks at all.

This does prove a problem with low ground clearance cars. The height of the mechanism when fully flat is 15cm, the Exige splitter is about 12cm. Same story with the Caterham sump. So what I've done is laid two rows of concrete blocks, flat to the floor, to form a shallow "pit" for the lift. I then made a pair of shallow angle ramps to drive up and onto the blocks...


The second style of scissor lift is very much designed to lift from the decks, using sliding pads on top of the decks.


These are pretty much useless for either a Seven or a Lotus, unless you were extremely lucky on the precise dimensions of the decks. These lifts, as you can tell from the flap down ramps, are so wide that the car drives over the decks. These are fine for normal cars though, with jackable steel sills.

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No @MartynB it’s completely clear above.

some very big M20 fixings into the floor - it’s all rated to 4t - not that it’ll ever see that much in my time

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Only here once

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I installed a set of these so that I can lift my Exige on a 2 post lift.

With these, you do not have to remove the under tray before lifting the car.


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