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The Adventures of Sonic

DT 350

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I got my old Car with 5k miles on it so it was nearly new.  I'm sure things will bed in. It is a nice car to drive and like I said everything feels smoother and more refined, especially the gear box.  

I'm sure once I've completed the run in period and I can take the car beyond the 4.5k rev limit, then exhaust will also bed in. 



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20 hours ago, Wilbert Camshaft said:

I did exactly the same thing - I traded in my  MY 2016 Exige Sport 350 in mettalic grey for an Exige Sport 350 in Vivid Green a few weeks ago and I'am so happy I did it regardless all concern I had if that's an a priori justifiable  decision. It is!

My impressions during the run in period were exactly  the same  - you forgot to mention the altered and improved hood release lever!

Now the run in period is over and I look forward to collect my wonderful new Lotus from KomoTec Tuesday next week with subsequent listed modifications applied:

  • EX460 Upgrade
  • MXS Display
  • Nitron chassis 2-way
  • KoBra Big Brakes
  • Quaife LSD
  • Harness bar and 4 point harness
  • uprated clutch
  • transmission oil cooler
  • forged wheels

This car definitely is the most beautiful and most exiting thing I ever owned! I'm thrilled and can't wait to pick it up!


Congratulations this is stunning and you have some exciting plans. I'm yet to experience the 460 kit. Yes you're right the boot leaver is so much better but also on the wrong side for me 😅

If you would like to donate your original Forged wheels and 2 piece brakes I'd be happy to take them off your hands :)  

In other news I've got some bit to fit over christmas to keep myself busy :D


Alias23 Filter Headlamp graphics

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I'am heartbroken to tell you that unfortunately there is no redundant set of original forged wheels 😎, the car was ordered with the forged wheels. BTW: The delivery of the radiator for the EX460 Kit is delayed so I'am happy if I can test drive for the first time before  christmas  😧

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Exhaust is starting to bed in but I'm still craving more noise.


I spend the most of a day over the Christmas break tinkering with the seats. 

My plan was to swop the driver and passanger seats around and hoping I could making some custom brackets as the driver seat is too wide with the running to fit the passanger side.

The Passanger seat and subframe sat perfectly in the drivers seat position, with the help of a couple of spacers, but unfortunately I couldn't get the drivers seat and runner (now removed) to sit right in the passangers side of the car. 

So I had to resort to some spacer washers under the front on the drivers seat (runner now refitted) which has in proved the seating position but still not as good as the passanger subframe was. I had a rough quote of around £150 for the passanger side subframe. 

Alias23 Filter fitted.
Awesome bit of kit. Impressive OME feel and quality. Noticeable performance gains along with the supercharger whine. My personal feedback is the fitting instructions actually make it sound a lot more difficult than it was. I was shocked at how much grit and dirt was in my filter after <1,300 miles The car now feels much more keen especially between 4.5k > 6k rpm.  Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, it also reduced the weight of my wallet :(  









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Thanks for the kind words @DT 350 and good to hear the install went well and youre happy with the results :) The instructions are probably my OCD kicking in and writing too much detail.

PS. I did not pay @geartox to say you needed an engine plaque (just for the record)... but must admit was the first thing I thought of when I saw your pics lol

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9 hours ago, DT 350 said:

It's on my list of things I don't need, but will waste my money on anyway.

I would also like some carbon engine covers.

Do you plan also to add carbon parts inside ?

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