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Bit of T-cut?

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Poor esprit! But with its bumper on the ground it does rather remind me of a 70s formula 1 car

Is that the result of the special ‘burglar protection’ that was an option on these cars ? 😂  

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Blimey, not much left is there! Amazing that they're trying to sell it, what the use of what's left over?

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1 hour ago, Techyd said:

Sheesh!! That is some fire damage!

Indicator stalks held up well though!

Quality Ford items those stalks. No wonder Lotus still uses them.

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3 hours ago, Simon Bateman said:

I'm surprised  no one has mentioned the Key yet........

It's got more that a whiff of 1990's Ford Orion about it 😀


The only thing on an Evora that has ever had me stuck somewhere. 6 months old and the key failed - Alarm and immobiliser set and could not be turned off. Only managed to get home with the assistance of @Bibs and the factory, or it would have been on the back of a flatbed.

13 hours ago, Goatboy said:

Just spotted this on ebay. Should polish out right?


On a more serious note I wonder what happened. Hope everyone was ok?!?

They've been selling bits of that car for about the last 5 years. The irony is that the airbag cover clips as still intact :hrhr:

A Lotus is for driving, pork is for breakfast.

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6 hours ago, pete said:

Wtaf..... I’m guessing that’ll be back on the road in only a few days. In other news someone would have had their pride and joy stolen

Only here once

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