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350 living outside - any tips?

James DG

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Hello All

My new 350 is going to be living on the street in all weathers. It's getting treated to Gtechniq Platinum ceramic and EVOv4 hydrophobic treatments before I pick it up.

Any tips/products for keeping it looking good? A cover is not really an option, unfortunately.

Particularly concerned about the matte front panel, roof, engine cover and spoiler. 

Anyone been in the same boat? Does your car now look like the underside of a boat after being left out in the elements?

My old Elises seemed to stand up OK - with the exception of the soft tops which developed a sort of lawn effect after a while. I suppose the greenery offset the carbon emissions a bit.

Thanks in advance.

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Mine spends most of the time outside as I can't be bothered to put it in the garage at all times. The biggest problem to me is that the bloody thing leaks water through the side windows. Every time it rains reasonably heavily, there is two large puddles on the sills. It does damage the leather over time.

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Mines been outside for a year (July 18)

Snow, rain, shine. Don't have a garage sadly - you are right to be worried about the satin bits - mine are ruined/stained with water marks. Getting wax on there was an even worse idea, naturally - so I'd opt for respraying them gloss black or body colour.

My local wrapper, who is literally 100m up the road from a Lotus dealer, said wrapping the satin isn't really possible due to the texture. It won't stick well, and will show through.

As for the leaking side windows - keep an eye on them. Mine were fine up until the end of October with all that heavy rain. Commited to a 6 hour trip, only to find it wet inside after 40 mins. They can be adjusted, but I'd send it to the dealer and use the warranty whilst you can!

Another thing to note when stored outside, check all the seals occasionally, my roof got damp by the side windows over summer due to it being misaligned after taking the roof off. Easily fixed. But only noticed it after touching it by accident, couldn't tell otherwise. 

Leaves etc also get trapped in the engine bay so make sure you don't have a nice ball of kindling in there!

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I would check the wrap point as Lotus Silverstone (my local dealer) had applied a Matt wrap to the front panel on one of their used cars - it was a subtle Matt carbon effect.. my car is 50% outside and 50% garage - I find that if I lock it away, it’s too much hassle to get it out for the odd drive to work etc... and also, the battery dies over winter if I leave it for more than 2-3 weeks without a run..

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