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S33 EXG & LJ17 EUR @ B&C

Nathan Pitman

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37 minutes ago, booboo93 said:

Hi all, if I could just add my 2p worth,  I've been lucky enough to run both at the same time, and while the Exige just has loads of raw power, and 

is an amazing track tool, it does have its down sides, only in as much as the running costs, they love a nice drink! 3 fills on a good long track,

they eat tyres, and brakes! on the other side , the Elise, just as good!  but a little slower on the strights and because of the weight, does not use the consumables as fast, nor the fuel.

The only thing they lack is the noise, but that means you can get on any track in the uk.

Your 2p is worth a lot to me - your findings are very much aligned with my thoughts - thank you.

I've decided that I'm not going to use the car much over the winter so I'll make a decision in the new year.  

My options are:

  1. swap the V6 for a brand spanking new 250 Cup (one of the last great cars from Lotus),
  2. keep the V6 and fit a larger fuel tank and keep it,
  3. store the V6 and buy a 2nd hand 250 and run that for a year and then maybe sell one of them later.
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42 minutes ago, pete said:

Have you considered an S2 exige,a lot of the best bits of an Elise and a V6 exige all in one car

I owned an Exige Sprint (240PP) for 5 years before getting the V6. Great car but was feeling a little worn, don’t feel I could replace my v6 with one. I’m also wondering how many more drivers cars are coming out of lotus and is securing the last Elise cup a worthy trophy 

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The 380 is a great car for sure, the sound of the car is awesome. 
If your budget allows I would recommend the 410 as it does and has everything the 430 has (bar the titanium exhaust ) and a couple of superficial air vents etc and unless your Lewis Hamilton you wont tell the difference.








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