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Chamberlain Engineering / Alvan Engineerng

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Does any one of you know if Chamberlain engineering still exists, and if do you have contact details ?

Got a hint from Lotus cars that they might have modified my engine back in 95.

Maybe a Belgian club member knows what happened to Alvan, as they don't seem to be existing anymore

Any help is highy appreciated



Mind if I cut in ?

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If it was "Chamberlain Engineering (Racing) Limited" it would seem it went to the wall in 1999 - clicky (scroll down to last line)

Where would we be without Google? :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info.

Question is, how to locate former chamberlain staff who knows something about my wiring harness and the ECU

Any Ideas ?


Mind if I cut in ?

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Alvan closed up shop - apparently someone made him a great offer on his premesis, and as business wasn't booming, he closed up.

This is what I googled - looks like he's doing chiptuning now:

Cheers TSD

Nice one, mate.

I gave it a shot and contacted him. Let 's see what happenes.

Don't really know if the car was tuned by chamberlain or Alvan or both.

Fact is that this engine version is not known to Lotus but they gave me the hint to track down Chamberlain

I'll keep you updated



Mind if I cut in ?

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Alvan (Drongen, close to Gent) closed down indeed, I've heard he has now a business somewhere in the French speaking part of Belgium (somewhere around Spa).

His premesis is now a seats/sofas shop. (Van Hyfte) Passed there last weekend ....

- Nulla tenaci invia est via -

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I have managed to contact Alain Vandriesschen already. Very nice guy and very knowledgable.

His new business is all about electronic car tuning and he already signaled to help me.

He has relocated to Spa Francochamps. Go and visit his site.

Mind if I cut in ?

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