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Crazy Silverstone GP laptime

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Rapido! Looked like it was on fast forward half the time!! 

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Took some time to build up to steaming in to Maggotts in 6th at over 140mph, I can tell you! 

Car was hitting the limiter down Hangar which works out at 152mph. Has hit 157mph before with a higher rev limit. Most incredible car I’ve ever driven at Silverstone though. Probably the fastest car I’ll ever drive there also. Taken a long time to get the set up right. Believe it or not it was exceptionally good in the wet but tricky in the dry. Regular S3 Caterhams seem much easier to set up, they are more forgiving at the limit despite the much more primitive rear suspension. But thanks to Darren and the Boss Racing team we are getting somewhere. Dampers are 3 way adjustable Ohlins TTX, very similar to the Evora GT430 dampers but with more like 50 clicks of adjustment!

Darren seems permanently busy and doesn’t need any plugging but he is a superb driving coach if anyone’s looking for one. He even has a Caterham simulator!

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Nowhere near that! Just crept into the 2.12’s but it’s a long lap and that’s a new PB by a country mile. I wouldn’t get anywhere near that in a McLaren 720S so that’s £250k saved! I can see where to find another couple of seconds with a bit more time in the car, some clear laps, fresh tyres and a lot of brave pills but 2.09 is a real stretch without slicks. Darren is flipping quick and that’s his day job, the day I get near his times is the day I start getting paid to drive!

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It’s fast everywhere, still a Caterham so has an even greater advantage over a fast road car around smaller tracks. Only 550kg and tiny next to a GT car. An S3 Seven might have the edge on agility and braking but it’s not by much, I race them regularly in the Mag 7s series. The Super CSR is far from just a straight line monster it’s not as powerful as it could be. 400bhp is just a smaller pulley away, were only making 1 bar of boost at the moment (less than before when it was a 2.0) I don’t think it would lap any faster with more power. Treaded tyres are the limiting factor. Last year the 320bhp cars were usually setting faster times, in the dry at least, they can use full throttle for more of the lap. It was the car to beat in the wet though but I hope we’ll be challenging for outright wins in the dry next season. Took a step forward at Silverstone definitely, I was surprised at the laptimes. Very tough to win in Mag 7s though I need all the boost and driver coaching I can get!

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I think a chimp could go sub 2.20 in that car. Was hoping for sub 2.15 so happy with getting into the 2.12s especially given the very cold conditions but 3 seconds slower is per lap is a bit troubling and unless I did nothing else for the next few years, out of reach. Lots of people won’t do driver coaching as the stopwatch doesn’t sugar coat things but the only way to progress is to face reality. The old adage is true, everyone thinks they’re an above average driver!

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