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Hello Paul

Front towing eye 'bung' needed for my Elise

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Last Sunday I decided to go to a very damp, very slippery Snetterton for an RMA track day. After the very brief briefing, I fitted the front towing eye, as is required. Well, I attempted to fit it - the plastic screw-in bung in the hole where the towing eye goes was impossible to remove without breaking the head off the thing. So I was left with a hole filled with the remains of the plastic bung. Cue a lot of help from some fantastic people, and after about an hour we managed to get the plastic mess out and the towing eye (just about) screwed in. I'd missed my booking with an instructor, so spent the remainder of the time tip-toeing around the unfamiliar track, slightly overcooking it each time I gave it some welly/braked aggressively. It was miserable.

Anyway, I still have the towing eye screwed in the front - I don't want to remove it and have the hole get a good soaking each time I take the car out and rust the thread in there. I thought of just putting an M8 bolt in there (liberally coated with some grease maybe), but assume some kind of plastic thing would provide a better seal and be less prone to corrosion - I just wouldn't wang it in with as much force as the factory/whoever last took it out did! On the upside, I was glad to have found this problem while at a track with plenty of assistance on hand from a Lotus engineer and some tools loaned by a McLaren race team, rather than stuck at the roadside somewhere!

So - long story short - anyone know where I can buy something suitable?

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Elise parts. Used to leave my towing eye in

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