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AiM MX2E Elise/Exige specific dash

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a quick question to everybody regarding the Aim MX2 dash. Has anybody experienced non booting issues lately? Fitted mine about 6 months ago, other than a few niggles fitting it to a 54 plate 111r (thanks for the help, and time Dave SL), it has worked OK. But these last couple of weeks I have had to leave it on the drive out in the cold, and it now occasionally fails to show the boot/splash screen. The car starts and runs, but no display on the dash. on another day it is fine, 6 out of 6 starts no problem, but the next day back to no display.

could it be a temperature thing?


any thoughts most welcome.

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Hi Wantalotus,

I bought my Aim in the summer of 2021 and it was fine, however when the weather got colder towards September the screen wouldn't boot until the car warmed up a little.  Apparently, there's a threshold of 10 degrees however I find that a little odd.  My car doesn't get used much and spends most of its time SORN'd so it isn't a problem for me, but when I took the car for its first MOT in late April the garage (Williams) thought the dash was actually broken which could have been an issue and could have failed its MOT!!  I just leave it tick over for a few minutes to start heating up, but if I was using the car daily there's no way I'd put up with it!!!



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@hallmark7 @Wantalotus

I might be wrong, but I thought there was a firmware update which changed this?

Are you both running the latest firmware?

Edit: Looking back on page 21 of this thread, a post by Peeltone said:

"Quick update - appears that the firmware checks temperature before booting and if too low doesn’t boot. I have received a new firmware version which fixes the issue. 

Great help from Dave to get the new firmware v02.34.37 which has sorted the problem. "

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Thanks @Paul_D - I did check a while ago and I was on the latest version at that time (I think there was a version in beta from memory) so I'll check again.  Thanks for the reminder and well done to you for being so thorough in finding that on page 21 🙂

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Thanks for the reply, I had trawled through the thread, but missed it totally, so thanks again Paul_D. I did not realize my unit was so far out of date, I've only had it 6 months. Anyway the firmware went in all OK, just need some cold weather to confirm.


Thanks again.


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