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AiM MX2E Elise/Exige specific dash

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4 hours ago, ScooterW said:

Ok, I can try that but I just realized - I don't think GPS works on my unit at all. In the manual it says to go to the track manager page and click on GPS to see the satellite info. But on my dash, GPS is not even a menu item!. It only has the first 3 items.

Also, in race studio 3 I downloaded tracks but I don't see them even when I select manual. Not that the track is in my neighborhood - I just wanted the device confirmation that the track is in the system. But if GPS isn't working, then its not going to find the track (well, the device won't)!.

I do have the latest firmware as per their website: Ver. 02.32.66 

Ok, I think its pilot error (er, me). I had my Smarty Cam plugged in the back instead of the GPS unit. Didn't realize I had done that and now realize I need a data hub!


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@AndyD @xyfighter to all IPS owners

AIM is looking for IPS car owner to make some tests on the dash


for the TCU telltale I can't tell when we will have an answer, this requires a car with automated gearbox  to work on, so this can take time.

Do you think your customer is available to test some development versions? I don't know if this will be the way our engineers will take, but it worth knowing. Also consider that there wouldn't be any compensation, I guess it is important to know this too.


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