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AiM MX2E Elise/Exige specific dash

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I think the rev scale is even perhaps the first enhancement requested.

Would then be nice for AIM to consider it.
Of course the Lotus dash goes up to 9k rpm, but it does not really makes sense (or perhaps they planned a 9k rpm engine, so used such a dash to save costs, but never released the engine...🤔😆).
8K (or 7.5K, to make even better usage of the screen width) would be nice.
Are there Lotus engines / mods going beyond 7.5k rpm ?


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On 11/09/2020 at 10:18, MTribe said:

Does anyone else desire disabling TPMS faults? 

I’m running an 08+ ECU on an 06 Elise because you get a lot more data on 08+ (check the AIM web site if interested). I assume others may want to do the same. However, pre-08 does not have TPMS, so the TPMS fault warning flashes the whole time and I haven’t found a way to disable it. 

AIM said if enough people asked they’d do this, so let them know if you’re interested! 

I have the same issue. 06 Exige running 08 ECU (for the Canbus data. Also, I added the S240 SC setup). 

The TPMS fault is incredibly annoying. 

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Phil at BOE has said he cannot do anything about turning the TPMS fault off. The place to do it would be in the AIM firmware—please voice your support if you’re interested. I think they’re prioritizing somewhat based on how many people are asking. I agree—I have a flashing blue TPMS fault 100% of the time. 

In other news, new firmware today! Fixes the HVAC illumination and a couple other things. 

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On 03/10/2020 at 08:40, Seriouslylotus said:

Its has been requested many times, so is on the list.

However as its not a 'fault' or 'glitch' its on a very low priority, Aim used the standard lotus dash as the basis, that has a 9000rpm scale.

If they ever change it there would then be complaints from people who are upgrading there engines to rev higher.

The dash was designed to please most of the people most of the time.

If someone wants very specific function one of the other AIM product that is fully configurable are available, but with the data logging etc etc are significantly more expensive than the MX2E, and working out all the signals, alarms and messages would take an age (I know as I had one about 5 years ago)

Having tried both I will stick with the MX2E as it does far more than I was capable of getting working on the other models available

I think this would be a significant enhancement to the product.  Lets face it, only a very few of us benefit from the revs going up to 9k. The majority of us have standard cars which run at lower maximum revs.

IMHO its not a question of one or the other  (7.5k or 9k), its both. 9k is already programmed and what I am asking for is the option for users to choose a 7.5k maximum if they wish.  All that would change is the numbers in the rev display and the formula as to when the bars are lit. Surely that's not beyond the wit of man.

I have been impressed with AIM chasing down all the identified faults and we have seen virtually all of them addressed and rectified over the last 10 months.  Surely we are now getting to the end of that and it is time to look at some enhancements and this would be one which would benefit the majority of users. TBH I cant think of any further enhancements above and upon a rev option that I would need.......or indeed see people asking for. Oh after saying ...and the indicator lights to a lower position for us tall lads!

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6 minutes ago, AustinP said:

 the current 9k upper limit is perfect for my car ('08 Exige S240, 8.5k redline).

Same with my 2008 Elise SC - 8.5k also, but a variable red zone would help us, too. It's certainly not a "problem," but having the tach go red at 7k rpm, 1.5k before the limiter, isn't ideal. 

(Yes, I've changed the shift-light strategy. But still, I'd love to move the red zone to 8k, and like others said, you wouldn't think it'd be a difficult thing for program to allow customization here.)

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7 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Dear AIM,

We all want this ! :AIMX2E_rpm.jpg.3bd1a7a5e18cf9bb113de13bd6e1b59b.jpg

Best regards


I think “a lot” of people would like this and I have to agree with you that a selectable range would be a massive plus. However AIM must also consider other users too. Also for taller drivers who can’t see the shift lights, a way similar to the existing dash design of displaying RPM levels would be a bonus too.



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Depends on the order how you shut down the car.

If you first open the door and than power off the car: buzzer works

If you first power off the car and than open the door: No buzzer anymore. Because you already shut down the power.

Yes it is really  stupid!

Where can I find the strange tall people indicator?

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