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AiM MX2E Elise/Exige specific dash

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44 minutes ago, EliseExige said:

You can put the indicators in the boxes.....

On/off/on/off on/off.  

Not really the best fix..........

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On 28/02/2021 at 13:38, MrD said:

AIM's data logger seems to be a good feature for the TD enthusiast but it is not great for the committed/racer - this is why it falls into the "nice to have" category. The latter group of people would naturally go to vbox.



I find the AiM MXS1.2 data logger great for us tracksters/racers, especially when paired with a SmartyCam....maybe no so much for street cars that need OEM looking icons, etc.


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1 hour ago, CocoPops said:


Part number? price?

I did not ask for part number / price, only for feasibility (was one topic among many others, by phone...).
But would be interesting to know yes, feel free if you have the opportunity to get this info 👍

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2 hours ago, Martrack said:

I had the confirmation by a dealer, required module can be ordered later-on to enable datalogger and GPS laptiming features on the FE dashboard.

Car to point the finger to which dealer?  This is an upgrade that really interests me.

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Oh well, thats half a solution to the problem I suppose...I'm 6ft and as others have posted the indicators and rev lights are just out of sight, my hearing is also severely impaired which doesn't help in respect of the indicators. I'm seriously considering a 330mm steering wheel or even a 320mm with spacer to see if it helps. I love the AiM dash, but really could do with being able to see these lights. Appreciate the on/off/on/off mod earlier in the thread but it looks a bit naff(might be the only solution) but I have absolutely no idea how you do that, in fact is there a numpty guide/computer illiterate guide to updating the AiM dash, I'm going to need it in the future I guess.

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Anyone experience reduced Daytime Backlight display brightness in AUTO mode if you set Night Time brightness level in menu to 40% or 20%?

I have daytime set to 100% but the display is considerably dimmer than 100%, as when i jump to MANUAL mode its much brighter at 100% compared to Auto. If i bump up the night time brightness percentage to 60-80% the same daytime 100% setting results in brighter display, brightness output matching the increments that the night time value changed.

Was playing with it around noon-1pm today

verifed clock and date were correct

I increased the 'day to night' and 'night to day' values to there maximums as well to try and troubleshoot in case either were causing issues but neither changed anything, which appears correct at that time of day.

need to check if changing to 24hr format does anything next time i'm in the car, clock currently in 12hr format

With the daytime brightness limited due to the glitch, currently either end up with a dimmer than i'd like display during day time, or a much brighter than i would like display at night time



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Hi , Does anyone know if the existing AIM dash can be upgraded to the version on the Final Editions? It looks markedly different on the press photos for the FE. I guess its going to be a software upgrade?

Anybody know?


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Thanks Dave!

@SeriouslylotusCan you confirm the "upgrade" path for the FE version to include track modes?

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On 22/03/2021 at 07:41, Seriouslylotus said:

Simple answer is NO, Many differences one being the position of warning lights so software is not transferable, Ask me how i know

OK, I'll bite, HOW do you know??

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  • 3 weeks later...

Might be a silly question but can't seem to be able to find the answer. 

I know that the dash comes with the clocked mileage preset but given its price I'd be looking to sell separately if/when decide to sell the car. Would the potential buyer be able to change the mileage and most importantly, would I be able to change the mileage on the original dash?


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Valid question. The mileage on the original dash can't be reset, so once you've swapped in the AiM, you can't go back (and still keep an accurate odometer.)

I wouldn't be surprised if Lotus/Aim will let you reset the odometer for a new car should the new owner provide full documentation of the dash purchase, the new car's mileage, and ownership. But you should ask your Aim dealer to be certain.

The way I see mine: it's in there permanently now.


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On 09/03/2021 at 19:10, Martrack said:

I had the confirmation by a dealer, required module can be ordered later-on to enable datalogger and GPS laptiming features on the FE dashboard.

Reference 07a, "Digital Instrument Pack, WIFI upgrade" (where more than "WIFI" could be packed into this upgrade) ?
Will have to ask for more info...

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