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Some great photos of my car taken by @Malcolm Feth.

Adding to the trail of 430 pics. This one by GF Williams.


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Anyone fitted gas struts to the rear deck? If so what type.


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1 hour ago, Mattmahope said:

I’m going to have a couple of gas struts going spare shortly as I am switching to a fixed Cup R hatch

Would happily take them off your hands if they still work well. 

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1 hour ago, Gordon S said:

Looks great, Jimmy. Brand new?

Ps. Nothing wrong with red scratches. 🙂

Yes, brand new, pulled the trigger on it November last year.

The red compliment the msg very well, would have been my next colour choice for certain. Unfortunately I'm still away so can't view in person but I'll be going ahead with the red scratches😁

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Afternoon All,

First post on here. I'm a soon to be new owner of a 430 cup Type 25. A friend of mine bought it in sept 2019 and specced the harness bar and harnesses, ppf'd it, managed to cover 1000 miles and get the running service done then sold it to me for a considerable saving on the list price. I do love my mates! It's a racing green car with the yellow accents, I'll post some pics one it arrives.

Once I get my hands on it, it will be used, mainly on circuit. I'm currently racing a Ginetta, so wanted something light and small for track days and European trips to Spa and the ring. I've done the rounds with Porsche and BMW, but never had a Lotus so figured now's a good a time as any.

Re getting the car on circuit, it's pretty clear that there is no way the car will pass the noise test at any MSV circuit. I've contacted hangar 111 and they have a back box available for about 1000. Does anyone have any experience of this. Regarding exhausts what other options are there?

Regarding set up what do you guys tend to run? Roll bar settings and damper clicks would be really useful, especially if anyone has any base settings for the road and then circuit. What have you done about geometry and who have you used for set up? Whilst the car will predominantly be used on circuit, it still has to get me there and back so I don't want a set up that is too aggressive that makes it a nightmare to drive on the road or destroys the inner edge of the front tyres because it's running something crazy like 5 degrees of neg camber! 

Anything else you guys think would be useful please post away.

I'll be out at Brands GP with it on 7th June, so if anyone else from here is there would be good to say hello. 




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Hi mate. Congrats, your new car sounds like a beauty. 

Re exhausts, I put a 2bular QP system on mine. Cost is roughly £1,500. Much quieter than standard and comes with two (ugly but effective) additional silencers for extremely strict circuits like Bedford. If you want to go super quiet, the Lotus track exhaust will do the job but it’s over £2k. I can’t comment on the H111 option since I don’t know anyone that has it. 

Re set-up, I haven’t messed with mine yet other than dropping it (they sit fairly high as standard) and adding 1.5 degrees of front camber. The camber helped turn in a fair amount. 

Hope this is of some help. 

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