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Alunox Group Buy: Manifolds, Exhausts and Charge coolers


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Hi everyone, Alunox is very proud to announce a new group buy!

 This stared off a few weeks ago in another thread but we've decided to move it here so more people can see it. We've worked very hard to get the prices down to the levels shown below, the only way we can offer the parts for these prices is to productionise the work as much as possible and getting a job lot of orders makes this possible. Many thanks to Mark Kassim and Bibs for all their help in the background, also a huge thanks to everyone who's already purchased from us.

 As a small introduction to who we are and what we do, Alunox is a bespoke fabrication company specialising in exhausts, exhaust manifolds, certified roll cages, suspension, chassis work, intercoolers, radiators, coolant pipes and all areas of Advanced Tube Engineering. Our work ethic is dedicated to producing products of both quality and craftsmanship. We regularly work on all manner of race cars, LMP2 & 3, Classic F1, Vintage and Historic racers, Rally cars, Autograss vehicles, Hill climb cars etc. We also do a lot of development work for all kinds of interesting road and race applications.

 All our work is done on site in our recently expanded state of the art workshop. Using our in-house CAD design suite, we can design and manufacture bespoke units and can replicate manifolds, systems and parts for historic racers, rally cars, road cars, motorbikes etc. If your vehicle is particularly old or rare, we can replicate many parts from scratch.

 Our highly skilled team of craftsmen constantly strive to ensure the best possible product and quality for all our customers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, and a wealth of knowledge welding and working with exotic materials such as Titanium, Inconel, 321, 316, and 304 Stainless Steel, we are confident we will not just meet but exceed your expectations

 These Esprit manifolds (headers) are both a work of art and very functional, giving both an increase in power, torque and driveability. Making them from 321 Stainless Steel ensures they are much less likely to crack as the standard cast items do, in fact in all the time we've been making these we haven't had a single crack or failure. They feature a beautiful CNC machined collector flange and double wall slip joints that also aids both the strength and performance of the manifold.   

 Each manifold is constructed from mandrel bent tubes and they are TIG welded whilst being fully back purged to ensure the best possible quality weld both inside and out for optimal flow performance. We have engineered them so each runner is the same length to give maximum pulse tuning and the manifold is also a lot lighter than the standard item, we hope that Mr Chapman would approve of the lightness we’re adding to so many Esprits!

 We can offer manifolds for the Stevens cars and the externally gated G cars (these manifolds come with a new Turbosmart wastegate).

 All the manifolds come with a fitting kit, this includes gaskets, turbo support turnbuckle/bracket and all the nuts and bolts required.

We regularly ship all over the globe so please don’t be put off if you’re not based in the UK, all deliveries are sent securely packaged and fully insured.

 These are the details of a group buy if we get the interest.

    • 30 units in total - mixed G Car, Stevens and N/A
    • Fitting kit included- All gaskets, Stainless nuts, washers and manifold brace/turnbuckle
    • N/A 304 manifold £650 normal list price £850
    • G Car manifold price including Turbo-Smart external wastegate £1650 normal list price £1950
    • Stevens car manifold - £1150 normal list price £1350
    • Rear system G Car 2.5” - £650 normal list price £850
    • Rear System Twin Exit Stevens and N/A car 2.5” £600 normal list price £750 - based on min 10 units (choice of single or twin exit)
    • Rear System Twin Exit Stevens car 3” £780 normal list price £950 based on min 10 units
    • Special requests for T4 flange for turbo upgrade can be included in this GB, please comment or message for details.

 We also have a smaller group buy for the charge coolers:

Standard charge cooler repair: this is an exchange service so you send us your standard cooler and we will replace the core with a new item, fully inspect the unit and then return it.

£500 normal list price £750 - based on min 10 units

  Uprated cooler: This has approx. 3 times the volume of the original and maintains the same flow layout, so fitting is straightforward. The water hose connections come in the standard size (16mm) however if you would like 19mm connections please state this at the time of ordering. Mark Kassim has successfully used his uprated cooler with his 6258-G turbo with great results.

Uprated charge cooler £700 normal list price £1100 - based on min 10 units

 All prices are plus VAT and postage and full payment would be required upfront.

 I will keep this thread updated with pictures and info as much as possible. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me here, email on [email protected] or call me on 01978 851100





06-2017 Alunox-010D.jpg

charge cooler.jpg

T4 CNC.jpg

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So far, we have the following people interested:

Erikl                            Stevens manifold and possibly an uprated cooler     

PJS Lotus                    G manifold, external gate and 2.5” system               

Ab2cv                         Stevens manifold 2.5” system and cat          

Nick W                         G manifold, external gate and 2.5” system

Lotusing                      G manifold and external gate

South West Lotus       Stevens manifold

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  • 3 weeks later...
3 hours ago, Big Vern said:

I take it these are only available in versions with the Turbo? otherwise i would be a deff buy.... 86 s3 n/a

Hi Brett,

Leave it with me and I'll find out for you, I don't see why not though! Would you be interested in a system too or just a manifold? 


Thanks, Ben 

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17 hours ago, Senior said:

I'd be interested, I have a JPS S2, so assume I'd need the above.

Excellent, could you confirm if your car is a Federal model or not please?

9 hours ago, Big Vern said:

Count me in then please ben, many thanks.


Will do!

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Ok stupid question time (forgive me) , I take it come MOT time you put your CAT back on ?  So then I'm assuming disassembly required and old exhaust with CAT put back on ? And visa versa . Happy to be told idiot read the entire thread .

Nick S4s

Simplest things first.

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On 25/01/2020 at 18:28, fflyingdog said:

Ok stupid question time (forgive me) , I take it come MOT time you put your CAT back on ?  So then I'm assuming disassembly required and old exhaust with CAT put back on ? And visa versa . Happy to be told idiot read the entire thread .

Nick S4s

Hi Nick, 

No such thing as a stupid question, at least that's what my dad used to tell me!!!

If you purchase a full system from us with a Cat it also comes with a de-cat pipe. These are interchangeable and are mounted on V-band clamps. This means the only thing required to swap between the two is a 10mm spanner and about 5 minutes. No gaskets or lining parts up just undo the clamps either side and swap one with the other. 


Hope that helps,



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  • 3 weeks later...


Quick update, we've had a small gap in our production schedule so we're going to run off the first ten orders. The next run may not be for a while so if anyone else wants to jump in please let me know. 

I will be contacting everyone on the list in the next few days. 

Many thanks,



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone,

 Just thought I'd give another little update on the group buy, we currently have 11 people who are part of this first batch. Once the remaining 3 people have paid we can start the production. We have of course been affected by the current global crisis, but we are fortunate to still be operating, albeit at a slightly limited capacity. Our colleagues health and wellbeing comes first but our team have been extremely helpful and flexible which has enabled us to keep the workshop running. I will be contacting those who have already paid individually today but please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to get your orders out as quickly as we can.  

 Whilst no one wants to take advantage of this awful situation it's worth noting that the exchange rates currently are very favourable to some of our international clients (We're based in the UK for those that don't know).

 Hope you're all managing to stay safe and I've no doubt a lot of people stuck at home are enjoying tinkering in the garage! I know I will be this weekend (if the wifes lets me!)


All the very best,


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I absolutely love my 3 inch twin exit exhaust ..... it’s top quality sounds good and has equal exit exhaust left and right unlike two others I had before it - it took about an hour to fit and was a breeze 

How do I join the charge cooler group buy?




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Thanks for your post and kind words!


At the moment the chargecooler side of things is very quiet. We can offer an individual unit but it would be at the full cost. The cores are very expensive to purchase as a one off.


If you need any more info please get in touch!  Ben

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