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Foggy area on ICE screen

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I went out to take the Evora for a run today as she's been sat immobile for the past 3 weeks or so, partly due to the crappy weather and partly down to having wrecked my left ankle after 'finding' a hidden rabbit-hole whilst out running with the dogs.

First thing I noticed when I got in was that the screen for the radio/nav has a discoloured area in the middle of it..........



Once the unit has 'fired-up', the patch is still visible but everything seems to work OK.


Any ideas on what might have caused it and/or what can be done to rectify it?

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Looks like condensation doesn’t it... hard not to get some in this weather with wet shoes and damp carpets.

Whack the heater on full directed to the face and dash level, close the door vents and partially close the dash vents. Leave for 30mins or so, that should heat that whole area up nicely.

Oh and leave the stereo on, it’s got a fan at the back which may help draw out any moist air.


If you have it, running the aircon every now and then should help remove moisture from the car too. 

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That's what I thought at first but the car as been lying unentered, with a cover over it, since the start of the month and has several silica-gel bags strategically placed around its interior as a precaution against just such an occurrence.

Everything seemed bone-dry when I got in so the apparent misting up inside the screen was a real puzzler.

Even more puzzling is that after driving it round for over an hour, the patch has got bigger???? :huh:


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I haven’t found a solution for this online but it looks like the problem is between adjacent layers on the touch screen so it might be rather difficult to get air circulation to clear the moisture out.

It might be that you can improve things with a hair dryer or you might need to pull it out and see if you can replace or separate the layers to clear it.

Hope this helps,


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