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Ground Source Heat Pump

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8 hours ago, Mysterae said:


You still sound positive about it though, but would you do it again if you knew the final cost!


Depends if I had enough money (obviously)!  I don't think it would cost me quite as much if I did it again.  There are more players in the market and at least some competition. GSHP design has no doubt moved on a bit.   Its a great heat source for underfloor heating so if I could have UFH throughout the house then I'd have a GSHP if I could.  It is deffo cheaper to run and UFH a nicer heat environment than any other heating I've come across, but equally I suspect it is the most expensive to install by some margin and I'm unlikely to be in any property long enough to realise a payback.  But I'm lucky enough not to have to live my life looking for the cheapest deal.  I don't drive the most economical cars, I don't only buy cheap food, etc. - I realise many others don't have the luxury of those choices.  I think its a better system that costs more.  If I could afford it I'd have it again - but only if it could be done properly.  I wouldn't bother for a radiator system for example.

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We were a relatively early adopter so things will have changed.  There are some great things about a GSHP set up but its certainly worth thinking about very seriously first.  The financial argume

As an aside, if you're looking at underfloor heating, a friend of a very good friend owns and I'm sure I could get some decent discounts for TLFers 👍

I select and sell this sort of equipment for a living (albeit for commercial / industrial and large residential rather than domestic). If I were in your shoes I wouldn’t want to commit to the initial

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We have an air source heat pump that heats our swimming pool. Keeps the water at a nice 31.5 degrees. Doesn't cost a fantastic amount to run. Has an automatic defrost cycle so just turn it on and leave it. It also controls the pool pump so turns the pump off when  the desired temperature is reached. Then turns it on once an hour to check the water temp.

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