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Evora 400 seats - modification done for better seating

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at the moment I am thinking about selling my Evora S 2+2 and buying an Evora 400 2+2.

I was very pleased with the Recaros of the S. 
Instead I do not feel comfy and seated well in the Sparcos of the 400 or 410. It is like I am seating on top of the the seat and not really inside.
I am very tall and slender so seats are always a topic for me.

Has anyone changed the cushions on the Sparcos of the 400 to get a deeper and more inside seating position?
I´d like to keep the Sparcos to keep the car stock inside but just modified.  


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Why not change the 400 seats for the Recaro Sportsters of the S1?  You can store the Sparco's until you decide to sell the 400 when you will have a car with immaculate front seats and the Recaro's that you take out of the 400 you can then sell for a good price. I sold my original, charcoal leather Recaro's from my S1 last year for £1100. They are bought by numerous people in the modding world as they are direct fitment into cars like Fiesta ST's etc.

This way you get to use what you want and reduce the overall outlay for the experience to the absolute minimum without the need to retrim  and fudge the 400 seats.

You could even buy 2nd hand Recaro's and get them retrimmed to match your 400 exterior better and it would still probably be no dearer than faffing about with the retrimming of the 400 seat cushions etc.

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I was led to believe that the runners won’t first the 400 and the 400 runners won’t fit the recaros. I was hoping someone would make a solution as I’d like to either lower the sparcos or put in recaros. 

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