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well the button to open the door works......

the button to open the boot(trunk) works.......

the lotus logo button to lock it all seems to have packed up

anyone else had this ?????

any ideas what it could be?.....or am I gonna need a new key?



ps the spare work perfectly........:)

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I’ve not had this but I have a couple of things you could check/try if the battery hasn’t fixed it.

If you open the fob check if the switch under the Lotus button has come lose - from memory it’s surface mount and one of the soldered pins may have broken or have a dry joint - if so you’ll need to get your soldering iron out to repair. Second idea if that hasn’t happened, is to use some switch cleaner on the dodgy button; try to get it under the rubber membrane on the top of the switch by squirting it into the side if you can.

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Sounds daft but have both doors closed properly and the windows gone back up? I have had mine not go back up once and I thought it stopped the car locking. (maybe not)

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