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V8 Reliablity?


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I have the opportunity to buy a 98 V8 Esprit w/ alittle under 30k miles. Service records are included and the clutch was replaced 4k miles ago. I'm hoping to drive this at 75% of the time during the summer and minimally during the colder months. Never needless to say during snowy times. From what I've been reading all over web I'm a bit scared. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone, Steve

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If you tell us where you are and where the car is, some V8 owner may be able to come and have a look with you. They can also give you their own first hand experiences.

You're probably aware of liner problems with the earlier engines. Some people say these will all now have revealed themselves, other will tell you that a low mileage 98 model could be just about reveal all sorts of liner horrors.

New clutch is good. Did the flywheel need attention........mine did.

FSH is most desirable.

Know as much about the car before you say yes. If in doubt take time to think about things. Another will come along although the wait can be long and painful.


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Hi Graham,

Thanks so much for the input. The current owner has had the car for about 1.5 yrs and put about 2500 miles on it. I do that in about 3 months. I love the car but my pockets are but only so deep and I know these as with any exotic can put you in the poor house.

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All depends on the dreaded "previous owner" syndrome. If its been maintained to the correct standards then it should be okay, but what ever you get, have it checked out by a professional!

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Hi Steve

My experiences using the V8 as a daily car are good,no major problems to date. IMO regular use is better for a Lotus than a drive now and then. I think you should also consider what your expectations of the car will be,drive it hard all the time things will break,drive it like a normal car with knowing the power is there when needed and you might be pleasently supprised.As with any other car there is good and bad out there

Dave Hopwood

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