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Freescan vs Espritmon


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Absolutely fantastic.

check all the resistance of the boost solenoid connections. The solenoid only does the the overboost and basically keeps the wastegate shut for a brief period as defined by the ecu - if my understanding is correct. The ecu will only look for the impedance of the coil.

if you ain’t getting any boost - your problem is likely elsewhere.

You can simply link out the vac lines on the boost solenoid and you won’t get any overboost - it will just run to the wastegate spring setting

Only here once

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This thread could really do with being forked into three separate threads.

A QDM fault is caused by two things:

Too much current being drawn (e.g. a coil being shorted or the circuit demanding more current than the quad driver can handle)

The voltage at the output pin being too low or zero (e.g. open or grounded circuit) when the output is commanded off.

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1 hour ago, AndyPG said:

Linking the pins reveals code 26.

One of the causes of a code 26 is the CEL bulb has blown, results in reduction of boost on the basis that if the bulb is blown the ECU can't tell you if there's a problem so boost is reduced until the bulb is replaced. 😀

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John W

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3 minutes ago, AndyPG said:

Cheers John,

Both CEL bulbs live and kickin'.


OK, more info on lotusespritworld: 😀

CODE 26 FAULT by Paul Chandler


I had an intermittent engine check light. If I stopped the engine and restarted it then it could go away for days, I lived with this for a bit, but got fustrated when it came on while I was on the motorway robbing my boost until I could stop and reset it. The list of items on the code 26 list are:

- RPM relay
- Radiator relay
- A/C control relay
- engine overheat relay
- solenoid relay (throttle jack)
- ebpv solenoid
- wastegate solenoid
- canister purge solenoid
- check engine light bulb
- secondary injector circuit

As the cause for 26 is so wide, any search will find a fair bit of conjecture and you could find ten different people with ten different causes. I fiddled about blindly until freescan split the list in half, and then i focused on the items on that list.


John W

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Hi Everyone.

Thanks for your help with this thread.

As Derek says, the thread has diverged from its original subject a few time now so I'll start a new thread specifically about my code 26 issue once I've read through previous posts on the subject using "search". Missus sat watching Greatest Dancer 😒 so I've been in the garage testing a few of the solenoids. Will report my findings in the new thread titled Esprit SE Code 26.

Cheers, Andy.

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