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1976 Elite restoration.

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On 19/01/2020 at 17:44, Doris the dog said:

Hi thought I had posted here but can’t find anything.  So have just bought 1976 Elite that has had a lot of its mechanical parts overhauled probably 12 years ago.  No interior fitted or glass. 

First night google reg number and it came up with this.....


Nice one, great find best of luck with the restoration...……….Iam sure it will be a real flyer when its done!! 

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Well done for taking that one on. I saw it advertised and thought it looked a snip at the price.

I would have taken it on myself under different domestic/financial circumstances as it looks like a lot of hard work has already been done.

Excellent to see that a car used in adverts has survived!

If you want it on the little register I keep, mail me at


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11 hours ago, Doris the dog said:

The shopping trolley is full of parts from the car.  Car is spares for the MPC project. 

Should all be back to mine Friday. 

Thought as much. Another good find for you then!!……….you will be busy.  

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On 28/01/2020 at 17:45, Doris the dog said:

Well who thinks this one will ever get back on the road. 🙂


Got this home Friday. Put a socket on crankshaft pulley and the engine turns. Been in a field then a workshop corner for 10 plus years. 



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The engine should have an engine no. On it   My headlight pods have the last 4 no's of the chassis on it. You may be able to get a cert of provenance with these details, or alternatively if you can find these numbers, others could narrow it down using your info. Also the underside of the roof is where the chassis no. Is sometimes to be found.

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 My galvanised chassis had its number stamped before the galvanizing, so it's not very clear. This is in addition to the plate in the engine bay:


The date of manufacture is coded into the numbers - the engine is letter-yy-mm- serial no. I think, and the chassis number about the same? There's info on the forum,  and people who know this right

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